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United Check Cashing

United Check Cashing
United Check Cashing

United check cashing Financial Services Established in 1977 and franchised since 1992, Unified Check Cashing ® is a leader in the area of check cashing. United check cashing offers a range of essential banking resources to customers who want to handle their finances on a straightforward cash basis. 

United offers cashing facilities, money orders, wire transfers, bill collections, prepaid debit cards, and more! United provides easy and efficient facilities that are open to everyone. The level of support that we offer to our clients is valued even after the sale has been forgotten. 

Services offered 


United Check Cashing meets the interests of customers searching for an answer to conventional banking partnerships. Our competent, bank-like centers offer a comfortable, secure, and accommodating environment for clients to carry out their financial services. 

Customers will get instant cash on their checks, and there’s no lock on the money when waiting for the payment to be cleared. The process is simple, easy, and open to all. 

United Check Cash cashes a list of checks, including payroll, government, tax returns, insurance, commercial. There is no bank account needed and our prices are quite competitive. 


  • Payroll Checks
  • Government & Benefits Checks
  • Tax Refunds

– Federal

– State

– Local

– Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)

  • Insurance Checks
  • Business / Commercial Checks
  • Rebate Checks

Cash checkers payable to your business 

In the United States, we can transform your consumer checks into instant dollars. Depositing a customer’s check-in at a bank also involves waiting for money to be cleared for several days. If you’ve done a major job and got a check, but will need to make payroll this afternoon, purchase supplies, or just need cash right away, and can’t wait, we can help keep the company moving. 

Set up a business account today!

Only complete the initial documents, including an application, a group resolution, and a corporate client arrangement. Give us your company qualifications and EIN proof documentation and we’ll get you signed up as a business account in just a few minutes. Bring your trade certificate for sole proprietorships.

Benefits of a Business Account

  • Fast check approval
  • Avoid insufficient fund bank fees
  • Improve your cash flow

Clients can find and a complete complement of products and facilities tailored to suit their needs at our cashing centers. United Check Cashing offers a lot of something more than cash checks. We are a full financial management hub for our clients, helping them handle their personal company and investments. Many Unified Check Cashing Centers provide the following facilities to help this purpose. 

Money Transfer

Send or collect money either domestically or abroad. When you submit the money, make sure to bring the records of the recipient with you, the money you send, and the sum you pay for the transfer charge. 

Money Orders

Money orders are a convenient way to transfer cash or to send a payment. Buy a money order for the sum you like. Money orders are a safe, simple, and effective payment system. 

Bill Payments

It’s quick to pay the bills online. Only put in your statement and cash and we’re going to make the payment with the biller. Hundreds of billers have been approved. Many payments can be mailed in two business days or less. 

Prepaid Debit Cards 

We offer debit cards of the brand MasterCard ® and Visa ® in the United States. Put some sum of cash on the card and then use it anywhere the debit card is authorized. It’s not a credit card, but you don’t have to think about falling into debt trouble. It’s just the ease of a payment card without the bother of credit monitoring. 

We Buy Gold

We’re paying top dollar for your unnecessary gold, silver, and platinum jewels. We give free tests, no hassle, and there is no requirement to sell. 

We Buy Gift Cards 

We’re purchasing unused gift cards and handing you cash on the spot. We accept gift cards from over 100 vendors, including supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, and more. 

Payday Loans

Payday loans are accessible at participating United Centers in the listed areas: Colorado, Florida, Delaware,  and Ohio. 

Other Facilities

  • Tax Preparation
  • Phone Cards
  • Copy and Fax Services
  • Notary Public
  • Transit Passes & Tokens
  • Envelopes & Stamps
  • Coin Counting

Why Invest in a United Check Cashing Franchise?

As one of the oldest franchises of this model, United Check Cashing provides existing operational practices, validated goods and services, sound preparation and assistance, a well-founded technological network, a skilled brand identification, and marketing campaign, and the rewards that come with years of practice. For a franchise, you invest more of your time creating your corporation rather than working out how to run it. Our turnkey solution lets you create an effective retail atmosphere, handle your activities, support your company, and keep up to date with the changing environment. 

United’s proven franchise scheme is an integrated platform intended to allow your entry into the money service industry smoother than your own. 

5 Motives to Choose the United Check Cashing Franchised Hub 

(1) Banking

United’s long history with the financial sector has helped our franchise owners to have the best banking relationship to satisfy their needs at the most affordable rates. 

2) Compliance

We provide our franchisees with an education with the Anti-Money Laundering Curriculum, which has been lauded by the critics as the most rigorous and complete program possible. 

3) Selling

If you’re dreaming of selling your center to a United Marketed Center over the next five years, you’ll have the chance to offer the center at a premium price. 

(4) Products

United Check Cashing centers deliver a wide spectrum of revenue-enhancing products and facilities tailored to address the demands of the rising segment of the under-banked. 

5) Support

United offers assistance in all areas of industry, including on-going preparation, publicity service, personalized point-of-sale method, accounting system, and patented store management tools. 

Retail Formats

United will apply its market model to a range of retail models, from traditional storefront centers to modular kiosks inside an established business.

United Check Cashing | Everything You Need to Know

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